Announcing a New Global Health Project!

“Working in Culturally Diverse Settings” is a new project being led by the Global Health Division (GHD) of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. The project aims to educate physiotherapy students and professionals in regard to cultural competency. Whether you are planning a career in global health or whether you are practicing in your home country, you will undoubtedly be working with people from a variety of cultures. We therefore believe that all physiotherapists can benefit from the content of this project!

The mission of the Global Health Division (GHD) is to advocate for the unique role that physiotherapists have in global health and to encourage Canadian physiotherapists to engage in ethical global health work. We whole heatedly agree with this aim and we are proud to be helping with the project.

Although the project is led by the GHD it is non-country specific so we encourage anyone interested by the topic to contribute, either by working on the content or simply emailing us with your viewpoint so that we can upgrade the content.

Make sure you keep checking the project page to look for new content and don’t hesitate to email contribute.

Global Health Course

Global Health is fast becoming a priority of all health organisations. Get ahead of the curve, take part in this course and help improve health around the world.


Juan Vicente López Díaz

I come from Spain. I usually teach physiotherapy continuous education in more that 20 countries. I am interested in collaborating in your project.

Karen Galloway
Karen Galloway
August 12, 2017 at 11:11 am

Well done guys! this is great.
I have two questions to add to the conversation:
1) do you think that part of this could be developing a tool to assess the coverage and access of countries’ populations to basic physio services (in this way help us as a Global Physio Community to see exactly how countries differ in this respect – something that I felt wasn’t properly understood at WCPT)
2) Do you think that looking at the basic physio teaching curricula could also be helpful – sometimes the content seems to be based on the needs in another setting from our own reality. I live in South Africa.

Scott Buxton
Scott Buxton
August 19, 2017 at 11:16 am

Hi Juan, please follow the instructions in the article to find out hoe to collaborate.

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