Physical Activity and Behaviour Change with Professor Stuart Biddle

Professor Stuart Biddle has a rich history and a wide experience in the area of physical activity and behaviour change. PE teacher by background with a PhD is psychology applied to the area of public health, Stuart is more than qualified to guide policy and guidelines at governmental levels. And he has done just that.

Currently programme leader at Victoria University for active living and public health, he has published over 250 research papers and 14 books such as:

This interview was first aired as part of a free online course offered by Exercise Works and Physiopedia called Physiotherapy, Exercise and Physical Activity Open Online Course (PEPA MOOC).

Apologies for the sound difficulties and don’t forget to stand after watching!

Pharmacology and Physiotherapy

This online course will review the effects, side effects, potential drug interactions and how these will influence ideal physical therapy management with a specific focus on antidepressants and exercise.

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