All About Imaging in Tendinopathy with Sean Docking

As a follow up to Rachael’s interview with Jill Cook, we have a chat to Sean Docking about imaging in Tendinopathy, in particular Ultrasound Tissue Characterisation (UTC) in relation to a tendon structure point of view and what is clinically relevant.

Sean Docking is a research fellow at La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre at La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia. His PhD research involves the use of Ultrasound Tissue Characterisation (UTC), a new and novel technique that allows measurement of subtle changes in tendon structure that are not detectable using conventional imaging techniques. Over to Sean…

Gluteal tendinopathy

Join Alison Grimaldi and Bill Vicenzino in this short online course for a review of the results and clinical implications of the LEAP trial.