An Interview With Professor Jill Cook on Tendinopathy

We recently interviewed Professor Jill Cook to find out all about Tendinopathy.  Jill is a professor in musculoskeletal health in the La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre at La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia.

Jill’s research areas include sports medicine and tendon injury. After completing her PhD in 2000, she has investigated tendon pathology, treatment options and risk factors for tendon injury. Jill currently supplements her research by conducting a specialist tendon practice and by lecturing and presenting workshops both in Australia and overseas.

Jill’s work in this field has been extensive and made an enormous contribution to our understanding of tendinopathy and how physiotherapists can more effectively manage individuals with tendinopathy.  In this interview Jill gives us a great insight into the most recent and emerging research, over to Jill….

Patellar Tendinopathy

Explore the clinical presentation and physical therapy management of patellar tendinopathy with this short online course featuring Prof. Jill Cook.


Kathleen Grabowski
Kathleen Grabowski
May 23, 2018 at 7:11 pm

Can statins cause tendinonitis, the statin I am on is 10mg of Lipitor. The physiotherapist said from the X-ray and my movement in my arm is tendonitis.

Scott Buxton
Scott Buxton
May 27, 2018 at 9:53 am

There is evidence to suggest that there is an association between statins and tendon conditions and myopathies.

Any changes in your medicines should be discussed with your GP / Physician / Doctor / Person who prescribed you the medicine. This comment is NOT advice for you to change medicines without discussion with the prescriber first.

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