Add 5000 Physiopedia articles to your website or online platform

Anyone can now add Physiopedia to their website for free. This will give your community of staff, students or members one-click access to over 5000 evidence-based Physiopedia articles without leaving your online platform. 

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Physiopedia serves as a valuable and trusted resource for rehabilitation professionals all over the world. Now, Physiopedia can be added to your website or online platform providing immediate access to evidence-based articles that support the dissemination of the latest research, treatment methodologies, and clinical guidelines, enhancing the quality of care delivered by professionals.

The Physiopedia Search Integration (PPSI) allows organisations to add a powerful easy to use search facility to their website or platform that returns results from the Physiopedia website.  This provides a comprehensive rehabilitation focused reference library for your platform users that is seamlessly integrated into your website, adding both convenience and value to their user experience.

Example use cases:

  • Electronic Medical Records: A leading EMR platform added a Physiopedia search bar to provide physiotherapists with easy access to information during client interactions.
  • Exercise Prescription Software: An exercise prescription platform added a search button to easily access articles to share with clients.
  • Learning Management System: A leading university added the Physiopedia search bar to their LMS to enhance students access to resources without leaving the platform.
  • Website: A national physiotherapy member organisation added the Physiopedia search bar to their website to provide a member benefit and increase website engagement.

PPSI is implemented using leading search engine technology that leverages the latest intelligent result ranking. Predictive results displayed as the user’s search query is being typed, providing the ultimate in rapid resource discovery. See the screenshot below for how the search integration can be displayed as part of the website.

Add Physiopedia to your website or online platform for free

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Organisation that implemented the PPSI reported the following: 

  • Ease of Access to Knowledge: Easy addition of evidence-based knowledge resources to their platform.
  • Better User Experience: User appreciation for the quick access to trusted rehabilitation resources without leaving their website.
  • Expert Knowledge: Reliable and up-to-date information from international rehabilitation experts.
  • Boosted Engagement: Offering valuable resources keeps users coming back to their platform.

The integration of the Physiopedia search feature facilitates professional development and knowledge sharing among practitioners, thereby promoting a collaborative and informed rehabilitation community. This collective knowledge pool aids organisations in staying updated with best practices, improving patient outcomes, and fostering an environment of continuous learning and improvement.

Just to reiterate, the PPSI can be done quickly and easily for free. We just want as many people as possible to have access to the trusted knowledge that the Physiopedia charity provides.

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