How you can gain the skills and habits to become a life-long learner

Learning is integral to being an effective clinician in any field, and learning itself is a skill that everyone can get better at. This new Physiepedia Plus course gives clear strategies to improve your own learning that will have relevance to all areas of your life.

In today’s fast-paced educational and living environment, where information is abundant and diverse, remembering and retaining essential concepts is fundamental. You need skills to enhance memory, grasp and recall information and develop a comprehensive understanding of complex issues.

One of the biggest myths in learning is that some people are just ‘good’ learners and others are ‘bad’ learners….The reality is that learning is a skill, and skills are things that everyone can get better at

If you are a student, professional, or lifelong learner who wants to enhance your learning efficiency and effectiveness, then the Optimising Learning Programme on Physiopedia Plus (Plus) is ideal for you. Michael Rowe takes you on a journey in the pursuit of knowledge that will maximise your learning potential and help you achieve academic or personal success. With each course, you will master skills such as creating habits for learning, focusing on learning, taking notes, improving your reading, writing, and remembering, managing time for learning and finally taking care of yourself to improve learning

Our habits define our behaviour, and in the case of learning, most of us have developed bad habits over time. From the way we study to the way we show up for class, our habits can either support or derail our attempts to learn

This programme is full of practical insights and techniques through the entire learning journey that you can apply immediately.

  • Taking notes is an art that contributes to your understanding and retention of the subject matter. How to Take Notes for Learning will guide you through note-taking methods you can tailor to your learning styles, ensuring your notes become potent tools for comprehension.
  • The art of writing is a cognitive process that deepens understanding. How to Improve Your Writing Skills course will explore writing techniques that facilitate critical thinking and clearly articulate your ideas to connect your thoughts and the written word.
  • Reading is at the core of academic achievement, and honing your reading skills is indispensable. How to Improve Your Reading for Understanding course will equip you with effective reading strategies, enabling you to navigate complex texts and extract critical information while developing a comprehensive understanding of diverse subjects.

And there is so much more in this Programme!

Join our team (who are all raving about this course!) and get ready for this learning journey! In the end, you will feel empowered with practical tools and strategies. Allow Plus and Michael Rowe to optimise your learning experience and unlock your full intellectual potential!

Physiopedia Plus online course Optimising Learning by Michael Rowe testimonial

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