Improving access to rehabilitation knowledge with the Physiopedia mobile app

There is no doubt as to the instrumental role technology is playing in making rehabilitation knowledge easily accessible to students and rehabilitation professionals. Current trends suggest that an overwhelming majority of learners access information through their mobile devices and on mobile applications particularly in low- and low-middle-income countries (LMICs). Data collected since the launch of the Physiopedia mobile application in 2019 that supports this hypothesis was presented at the recent World Physiotherapy congress.

As well as being available through web browsers, Physiopedia content can be accessed through the Physiopedia mobile application. The app was made available in 2019 to improve accessibility to Physiopedia content via mobile devices in the clinic, on the move, or in locations with poor internet access. The app includes the feature of downloading page content for offline access to facilitate learning anywhere and at any time. This is particularly impactful for individuals in LMICS, remote or  rural areas, where internet connectivity may be a barrier to learning. 

To better understand how the Physiopedia app affects knowledge translation in LMICs usage data from 2019 to 2022 was analysed and the findings were presented as a poster. The data show that the Physiopedia app is a popular tool, particularly in LMICs. According to user reviews, the app was able to overcome the barriers faced in LMICs for better access to knowledge. 

In line with the Physiopedia mission of providing universal and equitable access to all rehabilitation knowledge, technological innovations such as making online content available offline through an app, help to improve access to rehabilitation knowledge, wherever people are in the world.  Indeed, mobile devices and offline access help to improve access to evidence-based knowledge on a large scale. A well-informed workforce is an impactful workforce.  

The World Physiotherapy Congress provided an opportunity for the Physiopedia team to share our passion for accessible knowledge disseminationy. As our work is ongoing, what will we be working on next? Stay tuned!