Meet Plus, by Physiopedia

Last week we changed the name of Physioplus to Plus!

Our community is rehabilitation professionals world wide. But often more than that – other health professionals such as doctors and nurses are exploring more about rehabilitation, and our patients are empowering themselves with knowledge about their conditions. We are inclusive and accessible to all.

A decade into our mission

A little over ten years ago, Tony and I set out to provide “Wikipedia for Physiotherapists”. Naturally we named this charitable mission Physiopedia — because why wouldn’t you!

With the vision of a world where every person recognises the value of physiotherapy and has access to quality physiotherapy care, we set out on a mission to provide universal and equitable access to all physiotherapy knowledge.

Now, we’re a community of around 7 million people that use the Physiopedia website every month making us the most popular rehabilitation website in the world. But we’re not just physiotherapists anymore, we are all kinds of health professionals and the health-seeking public.

Make no mistake, funding a charity is hard. So, in 2015 we set up Physiopedia Plus, a subscription site that offers continuing education and professional development opportunities for our community. Your subscription fees are what funds the Physiopedia charity website and keeps it openly accessible to all.

At some point Physiopedia Plus became a bit of a mouthful and repetitively lengthy to write, so to avoid TMJ and carpel tunnel disorders, we changed the name to Physioplus.

Physioplus is now Plus

Today our name catches up with who we really are — an extension to Physiopedia that is inclusive of all rehabilitation professionals and anyone else interested to explore rehabilitation knowledge. We’re still Physiopedia Plus, but you can simply call us Plus. Less jaw ache and arm ache for all!

We are a community of rehabilitation professionals with an appetite to be the best at what they do, to optimise functioning, and to empower people to live their most healthy lives. Plus is for all of us to learn, connect and communicate in one trusted place.

In reality, not too much will change right away. The core experience of using Plus will continue to be your international easy to access continuing education and professional development platform. The website will have a face lift and the name will change (please let us know if you find issues!). You can access your exact same account via, using your current email and password. You won’t need a new account and all your certificates and CEUs will be unchanged in your professional portfolio.

Take a look around your new Plus account

Our core Physiopedia mission remains the same. We’re still providing — and will always be providing — universal equitable access to knowledge. It’s just that now, thanks to the support of USAID through ReLAB-HS, we’re embracing inclusivity. We welcome all rehabilitation professionals and other health professions that would like to learn more about rehabilitation. Not only that, soon we’ll be adding multiple languages and options for people with internet and electricity challenges. Watch this space!

We’re humbled that 7 million of you every month from every country in the world already rely on us to expand your knowledge. We can’t wait to bring the rest of you with us as we continue to build rehabilitation knowledge world wide.

This work is part of the ReLAB-HS activity and is made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).