Physiopedia Plays Pivotal Role in ReLAB-HS Launch in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the four countries where ReLAB-HS will implement innovative, comprehensive and cost-effective interventions that strengthen rehabilitation in health systems. As part of this project Physiopedia recently attended the ReLAB-HS launch for the Pakistan programme in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh provinces. 

Pakistan has a population of more than 200 million people, its health system is overburdened and faced with many challenges in trying to cater for the health needs of the population. There are significant barriers to individuals access to rehabilitation including human resources and financial support, which is underpinned by a widespread lack of understanding of rehabilitation services.

ReLAB-HS aims to leverage existing opportunities to develop innovative strategies to develop workforce capacity and service delivery models that are integrated into health systems. Engaging with rehabilitation stakeholders is key in this process and the recent in-person launch event provided a great opportunity to initiate conversations.


Physiopedia with Ziadduin University students

Physiopedia’s role in ReLAB-HS is centred around workforce development. Rachel and Tony Lowe, Physiopedia co-founders, led on conversations and engagements around the rehabilitation workforce and it is evident that there are many interesting avenues for engaging with local stakeholders to develop a strong thriving workforce.

“It was such an incredible opportunity to meet rehabilitation professionals in Pakistan, to understand their challenges and discuss possible collaborative ways forward to develop the rehabilitation workforce” said Rachael, ” we are really looking forward to acting on these conversations and making a real difference.”

It’s always such a treat to meet Physiopedia users in any country and here in Pakistan was no different.  All physiotherapists, students and practicing, are extremely familiar with Physiopedia and Rachael and Tony seemed to be well known to all.

“It was very unexpected and flattering to be recognised personally in Pakistan” said Tony, “we are delighted to share selfies and populate social media accounts to spread the Physiopedia word.”

Understanding that rehabilitation is not just physiotherapy, ReLAB-HS will allow Physiopedia, a project originally founded in physiotherapy, to be more inclusive to all rehabilitation professions. Look out OTs, Speechies and P&Os and others there is more coming your way soon!

This work is part of the ReLAB-HS activity and is made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).