Physiopedia Volunteer Experience – Leading a Project

My journey with Physiopedia started two years back. As a Volunteer, my role is to review content and create new pages. Last year, I took the responsibility of Research Manager, which required me to update Physiopedia Pages with the latest physiotherapy-relevant research. While updating research, I came across many articles under the category Oncology, which needed attention. Some pages required content to be developed while others needed reviewing. I put forth it to the team, and I was then asked to run the Topic of the Month (TOTM) for the category: Oncology. Initially, I was anxious to take up the responsibility as it was my very first time. However, I decided to lead the TOTM.

Steps I Took

  1. I browsed all the articles and added the relevant pages to the category. 
  2. I went through each page and highlighted the ones requiring edits. I also made a list of new pages that can be added. 
  3. Once the lists were ready, I shared the details with the team on Slack. 
  4. I addressed queries regarding the topic and gave feedback about the work done.
  5. Regular communication with team members made the task easier to achieve.

The Outcome

The Oncology Category now has over 60 pages. The team did an excellent job of editing the pages. Some awesome pages were added by our Volunteers. Here are the links to those pages: 

My Experience

I enjoyed organizing the TOTM. It was an exciting task: leading the TOTM and coordinating with everyone. It looked challenging at first, but with proper planning, the process was smooth. Whenever I got stuck, I reached my teammates, for one is never alone with a team. It feels great to see the category developed so well, and it was only possible with great support from Kim and all the team members.

Leading TOTM was indeed an enjoyable experience, and I encourage volunteers to step in and take up the exciting task of running the TOTM. Thanks to the entire team once again. 

How Do I Become a Volunteer?

All our volunteers complete the Volunteer Orientation Course, the next course starts on Monday 7 September!  Following successful completion of this course all our volunteers complete six months on the content development team. This consolidates all that you have learned on the course and gives you an opportunity to demonstrate where your unique skills and interests lie. After your six month review you are provided with a specific role that suits this skills that you have demonstrated plus your individual qualifications, experience and interests. If you would like to join this course please click on the button below and join us for an amazing journey!

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