Physiopedia Awards Programme

The time has come for you to have the opportunity to let our contributors know that they are appreciated.  Physiopedia contributors have really stepped up during this past year, explicitly during the current pandemic, and this is your moment to single out high-achieving individuals.

Physiopedia is fortunate to have such a strong group of volunteers and contributors, who collectively ensure that Physiopedia and it’s associated organisations promote high quality and evidence-based content which is accessible to all knowledge users.

Physiopedia is pleased to be presenting it’s very first Annual Awards Programme, which includes the following awards, open for nominations: 

  • Physiopedia Superstar – outstanding contributions by an individual.
  • Best Project – most impactful project.
  • Social Media Impact Award – includes contributions to Physiopsot and impact via social media.
  • Outstanding Leadership – the individual that demonstrates great leadership as any part of the Physiopedia project.
  • Physiotherapy Impact Award – the contribution that has made the greatest impact on physiotherapy practice.
  • Innovation Award – most forward thinking and creative contributions.
  • Global Impact Award – the contribution that has made the greatest impact on the global profession.

The Top Contributor, Physioplus Superstar and Physiospot Superstar awards will be bestowed to the contributor(s) with the highest number of contributions per platform.

To learn more about the Awards Programme, please visit the Physiopedia page. 

Take the time to let someone know that you appreciate their contributions. Please submit your nominations by 15 June 2020. Feel free to send in a nomination for each category. 

Nominate Someone Today!

If you have any questions about the Annual Awards Programme, please reach out to Amanda.

All the best to our dedicated contributors!