COVID-19 Update: Using Physiopedia and Physioplus To Support Educational Activity

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, many universities are closing and some physiotherapy educators may find themselves scrambling to create replacement online learning opportunities for their students.  To help educators and their students during this period Physioplus is offering 30 days free access to all universities to allow them to utilise already existing online courses and resources in their teaching.

How To Use Physioplus

Physioplus contains over 800 hours of online courses and 3000+ resources including quizzes, podcasts, technique videos and reading materials, and a reflective portfolio.  Universities can use these by simply linking to any of these resources from within their learning management system or adding links to existing digital resources, to reduce the burden of creating new resources in a short space of time.

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To take advantage of this opportunity please apply directly to Rachael Lowe by email ([email protected]) at Physiopedia stating your name, role and university, and we will get you set up as soon as possible.

Please note:

  • Existing university subscribers will get an extra free month added to their subscription.
  • The application must be made by a university educator on behalf of the rest of their staff and students.

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How to Use Physiopedia

Alternatively the open articles on Physiopedia can be used to supplement your existing course, create your own online course, and/or replace face to face activities.  Simply use the search facility in Physiopedia (magnifying glass symbol to the right of the top navigation bar) to identify relevant articles that you would like to use, then:

  1. Add articles to an existing course that you have in your LMS, often described as “adding and external link” when editing a course page
  2. Incorporate links to Physiopedia articles in your course materials such as adding a link in your powerpoint or word document.
  3. Create a list of articles to develop reading materials for a new course (you could then use existing Physioplus quizzes to assess this reading!).

If you are struggling to find replacement activities for clinical placement hours you may like to consider a content development project:

  1. Get your students to create and/or update content (evidence based articles with images, videos, infographics etc) on Physiopedia to share with the world.
  2. Ask students to create patient education materials, similar to above, that can also be turned into a downloadable pdf and shared via Physiopedia.

You don’t need to ask our permission to use Physiopedia in any of these ways, please feel free to go ahead and use articles as your wish.  However, if you’d like to set up a more formal content development project please apply directly to Rachael Lowe by email ([email protected]) at Physiopedia stating your name and university, a description of your planned learning activity and she will get you set up as soon as possible.

Read about collaboration opportunities here

Read more about content development projects here

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