Content Development Projects – The Modern Version of Cave Art

Physiopedia is committed to providing quality pages based on up to date evidence.  There are many ways that this is made possible but one of the ways is through Content Development Projects

Content Development Projects are not only just a great way to ensure that Physiopedia content covers a wide range of topics but they also provide a way to ensure that the efforts of anyone who finds themselves writing about matters relating to physiotherapy has the opportunity to preserve and share their work, much like the paintings and scripts found on the walls of caves.

In the past writing was often a tool reserved for academics to share their research, or university students to demonstrate that they have a good understanding of the course curriculum and are able to research and articulate topics in their own words.  However, not everyone has access to research articles and quite often students find that all their efforts (after marking), were confined to a drawer or a folder with the promise to be read again but quite often just left to collect dust.  Physiopedia recognised that they could offer an alternative way of working, and were the perfect platform to change this and through their website.  They could collaborate with individuals, institutions and universities to ensure that people’s efforts received a voice and could reach physiotherapists / physical therapists in far-reaching places.  Physiopedia have the perfect, receptive audience ready, waiting and eager to learn, every month there are over 2 million visits to the site.  But Physiopedia did not stop there.

The team at Physiopedia soon realised that collaborations with professionals and organisations were the perfect avenue for creating content based on specialised topics, that are rarely discussed, in a  way that could direct learning and enhance the learning experience.  Instead of developing single pages we have developed topics that link together and provide a whole encyclopaedia of learning.  Some of the topics  include:

If you would like to learn more about content development projects you can read more here.  You can also view some of the collaborations that have helped Physiopedia grow by looking at the project category.  As a Physiopedia partner you have the opportunity to share your expertise  and experience with physiotherapists around the world, some of whom have limited resources for advancing their skills and knowledge.

For those of you that feel inspired by the idea of giving back to the physiotherapy community you can find out more about creating your own content development project here.  We are always happy to receive feedback and ideas for sharing and growing Physiopedia, the wiki for physiotherapists around the world and are always happy to hear from you.  You can contact us by email, we are here waiting to chat and discuss ways that we can work together to build a strong and effective, evidence-based knowledge platform to enhance global learning.

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