Join Us for the Physiopedia One Page Project

We are inviting YOU to contribute to your global profession by taking responsibility for keeping just one page on the Physiopedia website up to date.  Make it your contribution to our global profession and a personal professional development activity.

Join the One Page Project

It is a new year and we are now settling back into a routine with our resolutions slowly moving to the back of the shelf but we are working to keep you engaged, focused and motivated. Rachael and Lucy have both shared their experiences of 2019 and promises for 2020.  Rachael reflected on 2019 and ended with an invite to challenge Physiopedia and invited you to join us on the journey. To help with focus Lucy suggested ways to keep focused and motivated in 2020.  As physiotherapists part of our reflection and focus are our learning experiences and developing our continuing education and professional development (CE/CPD) portfolio.

CE/CPD has become a necessity in ensuring that you keep your skills and knowledge up to date.  We usually do this through attending courses, reading or taking part in a journal club, for example, but this is not always an easy task it takes opportunity, planning, time, money and effort.  For some this can be a challenge and a barrier, especially for those living in remote places with limited resources and funds.  What if there was another way to contribute not only to your learning and portfolio but to others all over the world?  Well, we have found the perfect solution.

Thinking outside the box the Physiopedia team came up an idea that fits around your schedule, is free and enables you to not only expand your knowledge but share it with the global physiotherapy community!  Doesn’t that sound amazing, well it is and we have named it the One Page Project!

As many of you already know Physiopedia is a wiki for Physiotherapists that can be edited with no specialist tools and very little technical know-how. The original idea was developed as a resource dedicated to Physiotherapy knowledge and learning created by physiotherapists for physiotherapists, you can read more about Physiopedia here.

In 2020 we are inviting every physiotherapist and physical therapist around the world to help us keep the Physiopedia content awesome and something that we, as a profession, can be proud of. This project will focus on engaging people to take responsibility for one page in Physiopedia, to help us keep the Physiopedia content updated and awesome!

If you are interested in taking part in this project you can browse through and choose a page here and once you have chosen a page you can contact us so that we can help you get started.  We have lots of tutorials and resources to help you along the way, it does not matter if you have never done anything like this before, as we will also be on hand to guide you through the process. And don’t worry if you cannot find a page that interests you, you can always develop one and commit to keeping it updated!

So grab a cup of coffee and read more about the One Page Project here!  Make 2020 a year of new experiences and feel good knowing you are also giving back to others whilst expanding your knowledge and developing new skills!

Join the One Page Project