Topic of the Month – Sport

Each month the Physiopedia team focuses on updating pages centred around one topic. This enables us to keep improving all of our existing pages as well as creating new ones. The team often make changes to referencing and formatting but best of all they find the latest evidence and update the pages accordingly. This month our team of volunteers chose the topic Sport.

As physiotherapists, we are well-known and respected for our place in the sporting arena but it isn’t just professional athletes that we treat in our daily practice we also see young and aspiring athletes as well as the weekend warriors who gave up the dream of playing professionally but never gave up playing for fun.  Although judging by some of the injuries we see it isn’t always fun out on the field…

Sport injuries can be vast and varied ranging from sprains and strains to ligament injuries and fractures.   And did you know that the treatments we choose can differ depending on the age of the athlete?  In fact, sport is so special that it has more than one category in Physiopedia, with still more being developed.  So as you can imagine it was a busy month for the team.  You can browse through the categories below to see some of the newly reviewed and created pages:

We aim to create and review as many pages as possible each month but if you see pages that need improving or creating, not just on the topic of the month, please feel free to contact us with your comments.  Physiopedia is a resource created by physiotherapists for physiotherapists.  Your feedback is necessary and always welcome.