PREP Consensus Panel – A Revolutionary Approach

The first year of the Physiotherapy and Refugee Education Project project is all about creating competencies for physiotherapists working with refugees. There are several milestones to creating the competencies but two key goals were the first was the scoping review and second was the consensus panel. We wrote a post a couple of weeks ago explaining the findings of the scoping review which included an interview with Emer McGowan who was involved in the review.  We have also previously reported on the expert panel that shared and discussed their opinions on competencies for physiotherapists working with refugees.

The Consensus Panel

The consensus panel was one of the key goals required to achieve the aim of creating the competencies which will form a significant part of the final part of this project which is the online course.

Mike Landry, from Duke University, took part in the expert consensus panel and in this interview he explains the process and findings of the panel. As he explains, the way the panel met was revolutionary and will likely pave the way for how future consensus panels will meet, so definitely take time to watch the video!

The next step of the project is curriculum development which we will share with you as development takes place.

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