This is #GlobalPT! On a Mission to Improve Physiotherapy Education Worldwide.

There are many things that happen in relation to all that we do at Physiopedia that make us smile, but THIS made us cry!

At Physiopedia we, alongside our partners, are on a mission to improve physiotherapy services across the world.  The way that we aim to do this is to make physiotherapy knowledge accessible to all.  We will do this with:

  1. The free online knowledge resource.
  2. Free open online courses.
  3. Equitable access to online education and professional development.

However, we can’t do this alone and have teamed up with the Physiopedia community to collaborate in this mission together. Currently, our community is….

  • nearly 2 million people from every country in the world use Physiopedia every month;
  • over 40 Physiopedia Partners contribute to our mission;
  • over 60 Volunteers make their altruistic contribution to our profession through Physiopedia; and
  • over 30 organisations who collaborate to provide Physioplus continuing education and professional development benefits to their staff, members and students.

When we asked this community to join us in making a video to demonstrate our collaborative mission for one specific grant proposal, this was the incredible outcome. Not only did we get a great video (there were too many contributions to include them all in this video!!) but we felt like we glimpsed some of what physiotherapy is around the world.  We were humbled by the support for not only all that we do, but also for an international combined desire to improve access to physiotherapy education worldwide.  It honestly made me shed a tear, because this global physiotherapy community is amazing.

This is #GlobalPT!