Joining Forces for Inclusive Health Care

During the last days of June, project leaders from several Erasmus+ strategic partnership projects met in Bologna to join forces and discuss the roles we have for promoting social inclusion and civic engagement. The meeting started with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Bologna process, which is an agreement aiming to reduces the academic borders in Europe. Central for the discussions was how higher education institutions can promote democracy and a sustainable society.

The different Erasmus+ projects target specific challenges related to inclusive health care and education by focusing on how to make societal structures that promote inclusiveness or by educating a work forces that has the capability of being inclusive.

During this meeting, PREP met our sister project TCNurse. The project is a collaboration between Universities in Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Turkey and focuses on how to educate nurses to have the competency to provide excellent health care for everyone. The TCNurse and PREP project have a lot in common and can benefit on each other’s knowledge and experience, and we decided to collaborate closer.

Here you can meet the Isabel Anton, who is the project leader of TCNurse.