Are you Googleable?

Yes, ‘googleable’ is a real word. And it is an important one, because in the online world not being able to be found on a search engine renders you effectively invisible.  No one can find you to make those amazing offers you dream of.

Whether being searched for by employers, managers, co-workers, colleagues or potential new clients…  it matters that you can be found and that the information found presents you well. According to Google, 80% of people research each other online before meeting for the first time and this number jumps to 95% when talking about employers researching job candidates.

Try it now. Google your name and see what appears.

No need to look too far. Just check the top three results, because we know they receive of 60% of all the search traffic. What can people find out about you online when they go searching? Are you there? Or maybe worse than being invisible, is someone else’s website controlling what is being said about you?

A Google search of my own name produced 57,500 results. Clearly after many years as a physiotherapist, I am visible!  But more importantly, two of the top three results were from my personal website at that I built just three years ago and over which I have complete control of the content (how I look).

What makes this result even more remarkable is that I have not spent a single cent on Search Engine Optimisation strategies, nor have I have I added content to my simple four-page website. Yet it has climbed to the very top of the search engine rankings.

In a digital world your online presence is where you make your first impressions! And the very first impression comes from your domain name.

Microsoft research tells us that domain names that exactly match the search terms used are 20% more clicked and, visitors spend longer on the site and express greater satisfaction with the content. The Google algorithm know this and when determining its’ rankings gives greater weight to what people click and how they behave when visiting your site.

But what if we compared the website domains with Such research conducted on exactly matched domains using the .DIAMONDS, .ATTORNEY and .CARS domain extensions has shown better organic search engine results for the latter.

So we can confidently say that building your own personal website provides you with control over the content that searchers are seeing and using a .PHYSIO extension for your website’s domain name means an even stronger digital brand presence and higher search engine rankings… Making you a whole lot more Googleable.

Register your .physio domain name at and with the Website Builder produce your own website within just a couple of hours, like I did.