Exciting Collaboration With Queen’s University, Canada!

Students at the Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario (Canada) have just finished an amazing project in collaboration with Physiopedia.  The Project was part of the Neuromotor Function Course which is a module in the first year of the Master of Science in Physical Therapy (MScPT) program.  The project was led by Vincent DePaul and the students were tasked with creating a FICTIONAL case study. The aim of the project was to create pages relating to a neurological condition that affects adults and causes movement problems.

Although case studies are positioned at level 5 (out of 6 levels) in the evidence-based hierarchy they are a powerful tool for sharing and demonstrating clinical knowledge and expertise.  The pages created by the students were very innovative, and focused on a range of conditions, with lots of supporting evidence.  If you are looking for inspiration and new ideas when treating your clients be sure to have a look at the pages below, they are awesome:

If you would like to know more about how Physiopedia and University Collaborations just got better read this interesting article by Rachael Lowe.