The PREP team meet in Nijmegen

The Erasmus funded Physiotherapy and Refugees Education Project (PREP) team recently finished their second project meet in Nijmegen, Netherlands. There were three productive and fun days with good discussions, new ideas and the best company!

The scoping review has been completed and was shared with the rest of the group to inform their ongoing work for the first stage of the project. As was anticipated there has been very little previous work in this area however the scoping review team were able to draw information from related published and grey literature to inform competencies that might be used to develop the curriculum.

The interview group discussed their progress with the interviews that are being completed with informants (refugees and persons working with refugees). Due to the lack of published literature on this topic the information gathered in these interviews will be key to developing appropriate competencies that will inform the curriculum development and the knowledge that physiotherapists need to work with refugees.

The consensus team shared how they plan to run a consensus workshop in June with a group of individuals to discuss the competency development to date and to give feedback on how they might be developed, changed or adapted. After this and the completion of the interviews a consensus report will be put together by all three teams to form the output of the first stage of this valuable project.

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