Topic of the Month – May – Older People

Each month the Physiopedia team focuses on updating pages centred around one topic. This enables us to keep improving all of our existing pages as well as creating new ones. The team often make changes to referencing and formatting but best of all they find the latest evidence and update the pages accordingly. This month our team of volunteers chose the topic Older People.

It is well documented that globally there is a trend that shows that we have an ageing population.  This is in part due to improved medical care that has led to people living longer and also due to the fact that the number of births is falling.  If the current trend continues it is estimated that by 2050 the global population of people over the age of 60 will rise to 2 billion, that is 900 million more than in 2015 (World Health Organization. World report on ageing and health. World Health Organization; 2015 Oct 22.).

With an ageing population new conditions and problems arise, sometimes even multiple pathologies, and with it an extra demand on health services. As well as diseases and dysfunction associated with the ageing process, there may be complex psychological and social factors to consider.  This often requires a multidisciplinary approach and physiotherapists have a huge role to play in the team.  Physiotherapists, by sharing their diverse skills and knowledge, can offer a wide range of interventions aimed at maintaining the health and independence of the older population.

It was a busy month for the team, browse through the category here to see some of the newly reviewed and created  pages.  We aim to create and review as many pages as possible each month but if you see pages that need improving or creating, not just on topic of the month, please feel free to contact us with your comments.  Physiopedia is a resource created by physiotherapists for physiotherapists.  Your feedback is necessary and always welcome.