What Attending WCPT 2019 in Geneva Meant to Me

I have been volunteering for Physiopedia for almost a year and for the last 6 months I have undertaken the role of Content Manager. Being the Content Manager of Physiopedia is a challenging but rewarding job but it was not until I attended the WCPT Congress in Geneva that I realised just how rewarding. I was wearing two hats at the conference I was there to present a Poster that was created by Selena Horner on Do Open Online Resources Support Individuals In Low Income Countries and also to help out at the Physiopedia stand.

This was the first time that I attended a WCPT Conference and the first time I had presented a poster but the scariest of all, it was the first time I was meeting some of the members of the PP team. Of course this included the infamous Rachael and Tony – the brains and the drive  behind the biggest online physiotherapy resource in the World. The fear however was to turn into elation and one of the most memorable occasions of my life. The enthusiasm and energy that Rachael and Tony exude is contagious and from the moment I met them it felt like they were old friends.

It was the same when I met the other members of the team that were at the conference; there were no barriers and an openness that usually comes from knowing people for years. Mariam is one of the learning architects and she has such a vibrant and happy personality and is constantly smiling (and chatting) and always there to give a helping hand with oodles and oodles of energy. Tarina is the person responsible for organising and managing the online courses on Physioplus. She has a calm demeanour but that didn’t fool me for long, she has a passion and energy that can be see in everything she does. I also got a chance to meet Andrea who developed the ethics programme and is currently undertaking a research project and has developed an interesting ethics survey. Amanda is an amazing dedicated physiotherapist who was there to present her poster on Group-Supervised Neuromuscular Exercises Versus One-On-One Physiotherapy Care for the Management of Shoulder Tendinopathies Among Soldiers: Clinical Recommendations.

Such a diverse range of personalities but we all had one thing in common our unmatched commitment to Physiopedia. The bond between the team was so natural and magical; it created such an energy, that even at the end of a long day we were all still standing and ready for the next adventure. Because that is exactly what this meeting was an adventure.

Being on the Physiopedia stand and meeting people was an overwhelming, awesome, experience, to see how Physiopedia has touched the lives of so many people and being there to share the journey with the team was a true privilege. I have never been hugged by so many people, I was going to say strangers, but that would be wrong, strangers don’t hug like that. Physiopedia really is global and making a huge impact on the world of Physiotherapy. There were, of course, those who had not heard of Physiopedia but by the time we had explained what we do they too had an energy that translated into enthusiasm for such a great project and vision. They now had a source to go to for not only information but continuing education too. We must not forget Physioplus, I don’t want people to think I am biased, I mean if I am totally honest my journey started with a Physioplus Course.

There is so much more I could write, in fact it would probably take me weeks to put all my thoughts and emotions down on paper and I have work to do so I will end here, although it feels more like the beginning of the next chapter. I will just finish by giving a big thank you to Selena for trusting me to present your fantastic poster, to Rachael and Tony for allowing me to join their amazing journey and to my Physiopedia family for being totally awesome people. Looking forward to whatever comes next.