Add the Physiopedia knowledge base to your EMR, LMS or other platform for FREE!

Physiopedia is the largest physiotherapy/ physical therapy resource in the world.  Used by over 1 million people every month form every country in the world, the internationally recognised site offers over 3000 evidence based articles specifically written for physiotherapists / physical therapists.

Now you can add this resource to your platform (EMR / LMS / patient engagement site) to offer a searchable “knowledge base” to your users for free.  Your users will be able to search for answers to their clinical questions within your platform at the point of care and/or learning need. Plus they can access the latest news from the profession and even access online courses for their CEUs and CPD.

How does this work:

  1. Add the “knowledge base” to your platform – Simply provide a link to the searchable interface that we will help you integrate with your platform.  Your users will be able to search the knowledge base without ever leaving your platform.
  2. Full Physiopedia access – The search will return full evidence based Physiopedia articles to help them answer clinical questions.
  3. Full Physiospot access – Via the Physiospot integration your users will be able to browse the latest news from the profession and wider global health networks.
  4. Access to Physioplus – The search will also return relevant online courses and other career development opportunities from Physioplus so your users can access them directly within your platform.  We can even work with you to allow full access to Physioplus with a single sign on inside your platform.  Find out what your users get with Physioplus here.
  5. Branded for you – This whole experience can be branded for your platform or for your clients that use your platform.
  6. Become a Physiopedia partner – With any of these collaborations your organisation automatically becomes a partner and can take advantage of the promotional benefits that we offer.  We have the largest global reach of any physiotherapy / physical therapy organisation and are happy to use that to promote your organisation. You can read about our partnership opportunities and see our existing partners here.

If you are interested in any of these collaboration options, have any questions or other ideas, please simply email [email protected].  She is always available for a chat and happy help.