New Look for Physiopedia Badges

Physiopedia strives to provide up to date resources and information to the Physiotherapy Community and to do this it relies on volunteers from around the world.   Qualified physiotherapists/physical therapists and students alike work together to make this possible.  The work and collaboration of these dedicated volunteers is appreciated and as a token of their efforts we have a badge system which represents the level and dedication of these unique and wonderful individuals, who share with us a wealth of experience and knowledge. Physiopedia is always evolving and moving forward, as the world around us changes, and one of the recent initiatives was to give the badges a make-over, and they look amazing. This was made possible by the hard work of Lauren one of our yellow belt volunteers.  Badges are awarded depending upon the length of time our volunteers have been with us.  So, what are our badges and what do they mean?  Like the system used for Marital Arts each badge represents a belt and the colour reflects the achievements and progression of our volunteers, as each year passes.  We have one volunteer who has achieved her black belt, but we are confident that over the next few years this number will grow.

  • White Belt− The birth of a new light is indicated by white. This is the first belt that is given to our volunteers at the start of their journey
  • Yellow Belt− It symbolizes the first ray of sun light. In Physiopedia this badge is awarded to all Volunteers who pass the Volunteer course as they take on more responsibility and begin their journey as independent contributors.
  • Orange Belt− This light is an indication of spreading of light on the earth. At this stage our volunteers have been working tirelessly for a year and have helped to expand the knowledge that Physiopedia shares with the Global Therapy Community.

Each year our volunteers are with us they are awarded a new belt representing the hard work and dedication that they bring to the team, without these amazing individuals Physiopedia would not be the wonderful resource it is. Another belt is another step, on this rewarding and exciting journey, moving from Green to Blue to Purple, Red, Brown until the ultimate achievement the Black Belt.  Just like in Martial Arts black is the highest accolade and symbolises enlightment and that every bright object casts a shadow (black).  Volunteers who reach this level are not only strive to improve their skills but are also happy to share and use their knowledge to guide volunteers and continue to help Physiopedia grow. If you would like to be part of this amazing team read more about being a Volunteer here.