Physiotherapy Apps

Physiotherapy is an ever-evolving profession and keeping up with all the changes takes time and commitment.  Back in the early 90’s evidence-based medicine became the buzzword in the medical world.  The term has now changed to evidence-based practice and it is now the mainstream guiding the techniques and modalities we use.

Thank heavens for information technology and the internet which makes it so much easier to find the information we need to provide best practice and care for our clients.  But information technology like our profession is evolving too and as well as helping us source the evidence there are also apps available to help us  keep up to date on current trends from podcasts to exercise guides there are even apps that help us record our continuing education (CE).  It isn’t just physiotherapists that can benefit from Apps though they are great resource for our clients to, we can use them to send exercises and also monitor compliance.

The list of Apps and their uses is endless but it isn’t always easy finding these apps, so to help you the Physiopedia Apps Page is being updated.  Have a browse today and if you know of any that we have missed please let us know.