#Justkeepmoving with the 3 Fs

Activity is a key component of health for any human being – young and old, in sickness and in health, and wherever you may be in the world.  With this in mind Physiopedia has started a new campaign to ask the world to “just keep moving” and we would love it if you would get involved.

For me to be interested in any physical activity, I have 3 basic requirements which must be satisfied: the activity must involve Fresh air, Fun & Fur.

I often feel apologetic when talking with patients about physical activity, as I’m not involved in any sport and don’t participate in structured exercise sessions.

But I love spending time with my dog and my horse, and as they both have very real exercise requirements, I happen to do a fair chunk of PA as a by-product. The companionship of a loving horse or dog always lifts my spirits and does wonders for my mental health, and in giving them what they need to thrive, I gain too.

Dogs are particularly good for this; the need to walk the dog twice every day has been a constant in my adult life, whatever my work pattern and child-care duties have been, and I tend to forget that this means I get the benefits of that PA just like the dog. I particularly value how tedious chores (especially shopping) can be made more enjoyable by walking the dog to the store, instead of driving there.

And having a dog means I get to know lots of different routes around my neighbourhood (the dog & I both like a bit of variety, & we’re particularly keen on areas where no lead is needed), knowledge I am able pass on to neighbours with young children who aren’t aware of some of the potential picnic spots close by, or the little pond with moorhens nesting, or a perfect tree for climbing.

So if anyone has a patient/friend/colleague who is considering getting a dog (or indeed a horse), maybe, in the interests of their health & wellbeing, urge them to go ahead…

How Can I Get Involved in #justkeepmoving?

Over the next few months the team at Physiopedia will be sharing their thoughts about what #justkeepmoving means to them and how they will be getting involved with the campaign. We would love it if you would join us, here are a few ideas:

  1. Share the #justkeepmoving idea with your patients, together you could set goals for keeping moving.
  2. Share the #justkeepmoving idea with your friends and family to optimise their health.
  3. Create a #justkeepmoving infographic or poster to share in your clinic or on social media.
  4. Promote activity by wearing #justkeepmoving on your clothing (we are setting up an online shop specifically for this purpose right now!)
  5. Design your own #justkeepmoving t-shirt, we’ll add it to the shop, donate the profits to Physiopedia and reward the most popular design, the more the merrier!
  6. Wear the #justkeepmoving race wear at the next race you enter, you could even fundraise for the #justkeepmovingcampaign via the Physiopedia Just Giving account.
  7. Set new goals to #justkeepmoving your personal and professional life forwards.
  8. Or simply send us an article to publish on Physiospot on what #justkeepmoving means to you.