Welcome Amanda Ager to the Team!

Dear colleagues, researchers and those who are simply curious,

We all have our reasons for choosing to be a physiotherapist / physical therapy. These reasons often include a fascination with the human body, a desire to understand the spectrum of healing and performance, or an interest in enhancing peoples’ quality of life. Regardless of our reasons for choosing this vocation, we are a unique group of professionals who have chosen the musculoskeletal system as our area of focus.

I started university studying anthropology, because, like many of you, I am drawn to better understanding people. However, it was not until my first anatomy class that I understood that my interest was really human movement. I wondered how the human form, with identical components, can vary from person to person, despite our having the same muscle, bones, ligaments, and nervous system. My curiosity has driven my quest for a career straddling both clinical and research work.

My journey has led me through a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, 2 Masters degrees in physiotherapy and clinical research, and, now, the path towards a Doctorate in research. I am deeply curious person, and I find that every step forward opens new doors for me to explore. After 7 years of working in a clinic, including 5 years as a military Physiotherapy Officer with the Canadian Armed Forces, I have decided to concentrate my efforts on research and Physiopedia.

I am proud to say that I am the new Content Manager (CM) for Physiopedia. What does this mean? It means that I am committed to offering you evidence-based knowledge through the largest online physiotherapy resource in the world. As CM, it is my responsibility to examine the scientific merit of the Physiopedia pages, suggest new content (this is also where YOU come in), and offer physiotherapists food for thought.

It is an exciting time to be a physiotherapist, as it is an ever evolving and expanding profession, which is becoming increasingly integrated into health care systems on a global scale.

What you can expect from me is quality, determination and the occasional controversial debate. I am always open for a discussion and I welcome your participation on all my posts. Please feel free to reach out and say hello, or to offer any suggestions as to how we can make Physiopedia even better. Let the discussions begin!