Knowledge translation opportunities for researchers

At Physiopedia we value the open sharing of knowledge, it’s part of our mission.  If you are looking for new and quick ways to translate your work to the global rehabilitation profession, we would like to help!

With a new school semester starting many researchers and clinical scientist find themselves writing grant applications. Having a strong knowledge translation plan has become an important requirement of many funding opportunities worldwide.

Physiopedia provides a unique platform for researchers with interests in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and global health to openly share their knowledge and research results. Sharing your research on Physiopedia will help to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to your knowledge end-users (physiotherapists and other health care professionals) all over the world.

We offer support to researchers by helping to create appropriate knowledge translation activities and can work with your research team to help develop your end-of-grant knowledge translation plan for your research project. If you are interested in collaborating with Physiopedia and would like to learn more click the link below or email Nicole Hills at [email protected]

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