What a team!!

Physiopedia is run by a team of volunteers. From the Trustees and Advisory Board, to the awesome team of regular volunteers and intermittent editors, we very much value the altruistic contributions everyone makes to the global physiotherapy profession through the Physiopedia project.

To be a regular volunteer and part of #TeamPP, we ask people to complete an orientation course which deep exploration of ways to contribute to Physiopedia. Last month we ran our busiest, most international and most intense volunteer orientation course to date. Before it even started we had a good sense about this course, the enthusiasm and quality of the applicants was incredible. The force was strong with the bunch!

Strong force of physiotherapists

After 4 weeks of exploring all that we do at Physiopedia, learning skills to edit the Physiopedia content, developing academic writing skills and adapting to the platforms that allow our distributed international team to communicate, 32 very talented people graduated the course. Now as fully fledged official members of the team all these skills will come into use as they contribute towards building a quality resource for everyone in our profession. The physiotherapy textbook of the future!

Online physiotherapy and physical therapy textbook

There were two things about this course that stood out: the international camaraderie and the exceptional standard of work produced.  With 38 countries represented at the start of the course the international conversation and collaboration was something really special to be a part of.   As a result of this lively collaboration the standard of writing produced on this course was exceptional.  Not only will we see both these aspects of the course translate over into the future development of the Physiopedia content, we will also be publishing work written for the course here on Physiospot in the research section.

I appreciate the opportunity given in cultural and work experience exchange. The diversity has broadened my experience. I have enjoyed the team members spirits and their assistance and collaboration. Thank you.

I found the course very enlightening and empowering. I learnt a lot more than I expected and enjoyed the diversity in the course. It was a privilege to be on the same platform with experienced physiotherapists, observing and learning from them as well as getting exposed to various skills, discussions and literature. Joining this volunteer course is one of the best moves I’ve made both career-wise and for personal growth too.

If you would like to join the super talented #TeamPP, the next Physiopedia volunteer orientation course will run in October/November 2018, you can sign up here.