Free Educational Resources for Neuro Physiotherapists

I asked and Twitter answered…how can I keep on top of what’s happening in the world of Neuro Physiotherapy? There seem to be so many (brilliant) resources in the MSK world, from podcasts to blogs, that continually churn out opinion on the latest evidence and techniques, but I’d struggled to find anything similar in the Neuro world. So I did something I’ve not tried before and reached out on Twitter to see if anyone could help…and they did! The answer seems to be that there is a gap for some good general neuro physio online global discussion and commentary on the evidence, but there are some great free resources – and here they are! So take a look, let us know what you think, spread the word and please do let us know if you find any other gems out there.

Strength Training Principles for Neuro Patients


MDTea Podcasts from Hearing Aid Podcasts
A series of podcasts for healthcare professionals working with older adults.   Each one also has a nice summary infographic and text notes. So they aren’t physio specific, but there are loads of useful ones for physios in there. For me these are everything a podcast should be: short, succinct, packed full of relevant details, and with a fun quiz at the end – what’s not to love?

Evidence-based practice blogs

When EBP meets neurological physiotherapy …
Controversial? apparently so. Evidence based? definitely. Useful? tons of good info and links with specifics of delivering evidence-based interventions from @sarahftyson.

Online resources

MS Practice – For Health Professionals
Website from the MS Society of Australia, with a useful section containing fact sheets for healthcare professionals on symptoms of MS and treatment options based on research evidence

Evidence-Based Review of Stroke Rehabilitation
A huge resource of in-depth reviews of well over 4,500 studies including over 2,300 randomized controlled trial – and all about stroke rehab.

Background and detailed ‘how to’ guides (including patient booklets) to the evidence based GRASP (Graded Repetitive Arm Supplementary Program) arm and hand exercise program for people with stroke. A great resource you can take and use straight away with your patients.

From the same group as GRASP, this time for FAME – fitness and mobility exercise programme. FAME is a community-based exercise program developed for people with stroke who have some standing and walking ability, shown to improved mobility, cardiovascular fitness, arm and hand function.  Again, everything is available for you to pick this up and run yourself.

Enable me
Patient facing website full of resources on living with stroke


PLoS One
Great for neuro in general with some physio specific stuff

Free online training

Stroke Engine e-learning modules
Check out the module on aerobic exercise recommendations.

Introduction to MS: An Online Course for Fitness & Wellness Professionals
Six modules and a quiz, all about MS symptoms and exercise therapy

Understanding Parkinson’s for health and social care staff
Free online course from Parkinson’s UK and the Open University offers around 24 hours of learning time for health and social care staff

Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARS)
Resource based on the Stroke Core Competencies which were published by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) in 2005.

Royal college of GPs e-learning
Once you’ve registered you get access to loads of free resources. Broad range of subject areas, but there’s a well-stocked area on Neurological problems that is worth a look.


Pop in some information about your patient, get out some evidence-based suggestions for their upper limb rehab – it’s that simple!

So loads of really useful stuff – but there’s definitely scope for more in this area so hopefully we’ll see additional things popping up soon. Please get in touch and let us know of any other resources you come across that we could add to this list!

A big thanks to my colleagues @ECTTherapies for some extra resources and to all those who replied to my Twitter plea! All worth a follow: @anniemccluskey2@AVERTtrial@bendotellis@BlaiseDoran@Kath1872@sarahftyson; @ScottBuxton_1.

Make Your Patients Stronger Quicker!
Muscle weakness is a key physical impairment in neurological conditions that limits mobility. Progressive resistance training is recommended to address strength deficits in stroke and other neurological conditions however, the selection of proper exercise techniques requires an understanding of walking biomechanics and muscle function during gait. This course discusses the implementation of a specific approach to strength training to improve walking in individuals with neurological conditions.

Strength Training in Neurological Conditions