New exercises and templates in PhysioTools

We are pleased to announce that PhysioTools have added new exercises and templates for all PhysioTools Online users, and more will be coming shortly.   As one of our most important goals is to help therapists and trainers create exercise programs as quickly and easily as possible, we have also produced a new easy-to-use search function with a fresh and updated user interface.

Following requests from our customers, we have added new knee exercises ideal for pre- and postoperative knee rehabilitation programs.  These include muscle activation, strengthening, stretching and joint mobility exercises from different starting positions shown as photographs and videos available in English, German, Finnish and Swedish.

PhysioTools continues to respond to requests from our customers and our product development team are currently creating the following exercises which will be added to PhysioTools Online in the near future:

  • stretching and joint mobility exercises
  • exercises focusing on shoulder strengthening and movement quality
  • strengthening and movement control exercises focusing in trunk
  • body weight and free weights exercises
  • exercises using Theraband
  • exercises using an exercise ball

Save time creating exercise programs

We encourage our customers to use ready-made templates when creating personalised exercise programs and we have produced the following new templates to assist:

  • Chronic Neck pain- strengthening and stretching exercises
  • Cervicogenic headache exercises
  • Hip preoperative exercises
  • Hip postoperative exercises
  • Hip pain/Osteoarthritis easy strengthening and stretching exercises
  • Knee postoperative exercises
  • Knee preoperative exercises

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