Wendy’s #justkeepmoving…on a volcano

Activity is a key component of health for any human being – young and old, in sickness and in health, and wherever you may be in the world.  With this in mind Physiopedia has started a new campaign to ask the world to “just keep moving” and we would love it if you would get involved.

Wendy Walker is a valued Physiopedia volunteer and has kindly taken time to share what #justkeepmoving means to her. Take it away Wendy!

5 days in Naples doesn’t sound like it’s going to involve a lot of physical activity/exercise, but without even trying the reality is different…

Of course, any city holiday can easily involve a good deal of “pounding the streets”; wandering around, guidebook and map in hand, seeing all the sites without even noticing just how far you’re walking. And Naples was perfect for that, as the weather was warm but not too hot, and there are so many things to see: 3 impressive castles, a host of magnificent churches, beautiful palazzos & a gorgeous coast line.

So I wasn’t surprised that my husband’s iPhone reported several miles of walking each day.

One day we left the city to visit the Roman remains at Herculaneum, and then went on to climb Vesuvius. It’s a pretty steep climb for the last 800 metres or so and can only be done on foot and of course a steep climb is excellent aerobic exercise. To be able to peer over into the crater of a volcano was brilliant – it felt rather surreal, although there was no bubbling of lava so we never felt in any danger. My husband’s iPhone report for the volcano climb shows that it is equivalent to climbing 67 flights of stairs.

A holiday doesn’t have to be a “walking holiday” to involve exercise: grab your guide and your map and explore…

How Can I Get Involved?

Over the next few months the team at Physiopedia will be sharing their thoughts about what #justkeepmoving means to them and how they will be getting involved with the campaign. We would love it if you would join us, here are a few ideas:

  1. Share the #justkeepmoving idea with your patients, together you could set goals for keeping moving.
  2. Share the #justkeepmoving idea with your friends and family to optimise their health.
  3. Create a #justkeepmoving infographic or poster to share in your clinic or on social media.
  4. Promote activity by wearing #justkeepmoving on your clothing (we are setting up an online shop specifically for this purpose right now!)
  5. Design your own #justkeepmoving t-shirt, we’ll add it to the shop, donate the profits to Physiopedia and reward the most popular design, the more the merrier!
  6. Wear the #justkeepmoving race wear at the next race you enter, you could even fundraise for the #justkeepmovingcampaign via the Physiopedia Just Giving account.
  7. Set new goals to #justkeepmoving your personal and professional life forwards.
  8. Or simply send us an article to publish on Physiospot on what #justkeepmoving means to you.

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