Bridget’s #justkeepmoving

The current #justkeepmoving campaign made me pause and reflect on the different types of exercise that have sustained me throughout different stages of my life, and how we as clinicians can encourage our patients to #exercise.

As a teenager I was dance- mad. I lived half my life in a leotard, tights and ballet shoes, striving for perfection in a studio, or on stage. Constantly pushing my mind and body to achieve artistic excellence. I loved it all- the music, the movement, pushing my body to be stronger, faster and more flexible, and the friendships and life lessons learnt along the way,

In my 20s and 30s I love hiking and running in different places all over the world. The rhythm of being in ‘zone’, the highs and lows – literally in the case of hiking in the Wilds of Tasmania, or in South America; and physically, through training and injury. And once again, the friendships and life lessons learnt along the way.

Now in my 40’s dealing with chronic illness I thrive on a different type of exercise. The slow and gentle movements of Feldenkrais exercises- exercises for both the mind and body; walks with friends or family through the leafy suburban streets or bushland (often with a coffee in hand!), and as always before the friendships developed along the way.

I firmly believe that no matter who you, or what stage of life and injury you are at, the right kind of exercise is out there for you.  Something that feeds your mind, body and spirit. One of our most important roles as #physiotherapists is to promote this, and to use our personal experience  to help guide our patients to find this balance for themselves.

How Can I Get Involved in #justkeepmoving?

Over the next few months the team at Physiopedia will be sharing their thoughts about what #justkeepmoving means to them and how they will be getting involved with the campaign. We would love it if you would join us, here are a few ideas:

  1. Share the #justkeepmoving idea with your patients, together you could set goals for keeping moving.
  2. Share the #justkeepmoving idea with your friends and family to optimise their health.
  3. Create a #justkeepmoving infographic or poster to share in your clinic or on social media.
  4. Promote activity by wearing #justkeepmoving on your clothing (we are setting up an online shop specifically for this purpose right now!)
  5. Design your own #justkeepmoving t-shirt, we’ll add it to the shop, donate the profits to Physiopedia and reward the most popular design, the more the merrier!
  6. Wear the #justkeepmoving race wear at the next race you enter, you could even fundraise for the #justkeepmovingcampaign via the Physiopedia Just Giving account.
  7. Set new goals to #justkeepmoving your personal and professional life forwards.
  8. Or simply send us an article to publish on Physiospot on what #justkeepmoving means to you.