Physiopedia increases security with HTTPS

Security is a hot topic in the world of IT and the internet and rightly so! The devastating outbreaks of ransomware this year in particular highlight the importance of increased vigilance and adoption of best practices.

Following the launch of the updated Physiopedia site we are now very pleased to have gone live with Transport Layer Security (TLS) on the site which means that now all data transfers between your browser and the Physiopedia website will be encrypted. This will increase your protection as a user of the site preventing a hacker from snooping on your viewing and login data, and also protect against malicious code injection.

We will continue to strive to improve the Physiopedia websites and follow best practices for both user experience and data security. There are many steps you too can take to improve your own online security! Here are three tips that we use here at Physiopedia HQ that you should consider adopting:

  1. Use a password manager – the only way to use unique and strong passwords for all those online accounts.
  2. Use two factor authentication – provides an easy to use simple backup to logins if your password should be compromised.

It will take time to get used to additional steps in your login practices but do persevere rather than give up. As this story illustrates, the benefits of adding these two tips are potentially extremely large!