Megan Giglia MBE a paralympians perspective on physiotherapy stroke rehabilitation

As part of the recent Physiopedia Plus Stroke course we were extremely fortunate to record this interview with one of the UK’s leading paralympians, Megan Giglia MBE. In this interview Megan gives her unique perspective as a young stroke patient who has gone on to success at the highest sporting levels, including winning the first gold medal at the 2016 paralympics in Rio. Megan tells her deeply personal story and provides insights that all physiotherapists can learn from about the importance of the personal relationship between the patient and their therapist. She also describes how she challenged the health care team involved in her initial care and ultimately worked with her physios to define and use joint goal setting to motivate and guide her rehabilitation process, leading ultimately to her success at the very highest level.

We recommend listening to this conversation independent of the clinical area in which you practice as there are messages from Megan that all physical therapists can reflect upon.

Learn more about Megan’s story on the Ottobock website and in this ITV news story.

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