We have masses of data! Please use it to develop our profession.

At Physiopedia we have SO much data and would love for someone to use it.  We are not looking for anything in return, we just want the data shared in the public domain to enable the global Physiotherapy profession to learn and develop from it.

physiopedia data

Every month Physiopedia has around one million page visits form over 500,000 people from over 200 countries, we have 10 years of this data and we want YOU to use it!!!  We also have data from 4 of the free and open courses that we have run, we’re talking 15000 registrations from 179 countries on last course! Plus we have been running small surveys on Physiopedia exploring clinical demographics of visitors and impact on clinical practice, each survey has over 1000 responses. We are not experts at formulating research questions and would leave this up to you or your students but we are thinking that there is enough data for a couple of PhDs and many MSc projects.

Website Analytics

Our website analytics are the usual website data from Google Analytics. There is a lot available but some of the things that spring to mind that might be worth exploring are:

  • Number of visitors – what percentage of global physiotherapists use Physiopedia?
  • Visitor demographics – Physiotherapists from which countries are seeking the most information?
  • What they are searching for – what are physiotherapists searching for on Google?
  • Most popular topics searched – what are the most popular search terms that physiotherapists use?
  • How many visits specific pages get – what are the most common subjects that physiotherapists seek information on?
  • How what devices they are using – what percentage of physiotherapists are learning via mobile devices?
  • How all this varies in different countries/continents – what are the different learning behaviours of physiotherapists by country?

Data from MOOCs

Again there is a lot of data available here are some examples of what we can provide:

  • Number of registrations
  • How many started the course
  • Where they are from
  • How long they have been qualified
  • What area of practice they work in
  • How many finished the course
  • How many passed quiz
  • How many did assignment
  • Pre and post course competencies analysis
  • Discussion forum analysis
  • Literature search results in forum discussions (some have over 2000 responses!)
  • Comparisons between courses

If you are interested in collaboration please get in touch with Rachael Lowe [email protected]