A conversation about reflection with Dr Patricia Miller

As part of a course on clinical reflection that is being developed for Physiopedia Plus I was very fortunate to be able to record this conversation with Dr Patricia Miller of McMaster University, in which we explored Pat’s extensive experience in researching, teaching and assessing reflection with physiotherapists. Her key messages in this conversation are that:

  • Reflection is a key skill and activity for professional physiotherapists to improve practice.
  • Studies have shown an individual’s quality and depth of reflection distinguishes novice from expert practitioners.
  • Reflection is about seeking and exploring alternative perspectives and is supported by involving others (peers, mentors, tutors, family etc) and also by using a framework that challenges your thinking.
  • She clarifies the difference between reflection in-action (during practice) and reflection on-action (after the event).
  • The Canadian Physiotherapy Association Clinical Specialty Program includes the evaluation of the candidate’s ability to use clinical reflection in their practice because clinical reflection is integral to the practice of a clinical specialist and leader in their field.

If you struggle with reflection or are embarking on a written reflection as part of your studies, for annual registration requirements or as part of the CPA Clinical Speciality Program I think you will both enjoy and benefit from listening to this enlightening conversation.

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