Let’s get this #HackPP show on the road!

As I am spending 3 hours presenting on “open” at the ER-WCPT Conference in Liverpool next week I thought it might be a good idea to openly share our schedule for the Physiopedia Hackathon which takes place the day before on 10 Nov!

Why should you be interested?  This event is about building a better Physiopedia for our global profession. If you use Physiopedia, if there are things about it that frustrate you, if there are things you think we can do better, if there are things you would like us to do.  Join us on the day (virtually or in person) to let us know what we can do better.

Jack Chew from The Physio Matters Podcast will be managing our social media presence on the day, I know he’s got some live online tricks up his sleeve so that you will all be able to join us from where ever you are.  Keep an eye on the #HackPP hashtag on Twitter for more info!

Fancy joining us?  Let us know!


  • 8:00 – 9:00 Breakfast – come along anytime before 9am to meet the gang before we get stuck in. There is tea, coffee, toast and cereal etc provided.
  • 9:00 – 12:00 Hacking!
  • 12:00 – 13:00 Lunch – Hang out, eat, drink, chat, do some jumping jacks, go for a walk, play with VR. Soup, sandwiches, cake, tea, coffee etc provided.
  • 13:00 – 16:00 Hacking!
    16:00 – 17:00 Close – we’ll tidy up loose ends, drink more tea and eat more cake!
  • 18:00 Conference drinks reception at S t George’s Hall (for those that have conference delegate tickets).


We’re not going to be editing code like uber nerds at proper hackathons, instead we’ll be pulling the Physiopedia project apart and putting it all back together again. Mainly brainstorming, researching and planning in an effort to make Physiopedia a professional resource that we can all be proud of and that is envied by all other health professions.

  1. Exploring the Physiopedia mission. The Physiopedia mission is to contribute to global health through “universal access to physiotherapy knowledge”. What does this mean to you? What is Physiopedia doing to achieve this now and how could we do this better in the future? What should be in our global health section in Physiopedia?
  2. How would you hack Physiopedia? What is awesome, where do we go wrong, what frustrates you, what can we do better? If you were starting a new Physiopedia today what would it look like? If you were building a competitor now what would this be? Give us a hard time, we can take it!
  3. New project concepts. Based on the first two sessions you will identify and develop a new project to add to the Physiopedia family. This project will tackle issues raised earlier in the day and will aim to take Physiopedia to the next level.
  4. First steps. To complete the day we will take the first steps towards the implementation of one or more of these project ideas. We’ll begin with developing a set of goals, building a one year plan with milestones, defining the resources required and a strategy to obtain them, and perhaps even get our hands dirty getting the first tasks underway.

Hopefully at the end of the day you will be tired but also pumped full of psyche, energy and excitement about what we can all achieve together, and we will have had our minds expanded by your insights and vision!

Fancy joining us?  Let us know!