Fishing for knowledge in Physiopedia

Earlier this year at the CSP Reps development weekend we were fortunate to meet the amazingly talented Ashley Fraser.  After the weekend she put her reflections on the weekend to paper and came up with this amazing representation of the CPD event.


We were so impressed with her artistic talent and the innovative method of reflection that we contacted Ashley and asked her to draw us a picture for Physiopedia.  With free reign this is what she came up with this fabulous image that now adorns our office wall.

Ashley Fraser the amazingly talented artist and physiotherapist

This was Ashley’s reasoning for the image:

Basically my thoughts of Physiopedia (being a regular visitor!) is that it is a huge and growing body of relevant and up to date information ready for the taking for those who want to take that step in improving their knowledge and skills. For me, it is the starting place for evidence based practice and can direct you to a plethora of research and other sources. That is what I was trying to portray with the colourful under water scene- the array and volume of information available! The fishing rods obviously being held by inquisitive physios and students who recognise it’s varied uses. Potentially quite a simplistic idea, but one that makes sense in my crazy brain!

We love this representation and agree very much with the way that Ashley uses Physiopedia.  It is a great starting point for finding a plethora of evidence on any given physiotherapy related topic.

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