Physical Activity Course Outcomes

The Physiotherapy, Exercise and Physical Activity Course was a huge success. The course was designed to help healthcare professionals to get up, get moving and tackle physical activity and sedentary lifestyles around the world.

As part of the assessment participants of the course submitted a case study and some excellent contributions were provided and demonstrates what amazing work and ideas are out there. Why don’t you check out some of the content created?

The first case study is all about how mental health can be positively effected by physical activity. More specifically how physical activity improves social, mood self-esteem and depression, positive changes which can all be passed on to the family.

This case study investigates how a 10 week physical activity programme can improve ‘the silent killer’ hypertension. It is always good to recap the basics when it comes to the important physiological effects of exercise.

Motivational Interviewing is perhaps something you aren’t used to but it is a technique which all therapists should employ. Seriously, have a look and tell us if you don’t agree!

If videos are more your thing then check out this Elevator Pitch. Pre-school sitting activities are on the rise. This is worrying when low literacy ability is associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Watch the video to find out how workshops can make a difference.

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