New Physical Activity Resources

Make the most of Physiopedia Plus and check out the new physical activity content. There are some inspirational and clinically useful content easily available to you. Every patient contact can benefit from the messages echoed in this content so make the most and inspire your patients!

11 new resources available to plus members!

  1. Discover what Clare Lait thinks about cancer, leadership and physical activity.
  2. Prof. Rob Copeland explains different strategies to engage with physical activity.
  3. Learn how to measure activity with Dr Paul Kelly.
  4. Read Skender S et al systematic review of questionnaires.
  5. Watch Prof Stuart Biddle speak fantastically about activity.
  6. Read the World Health Organization final report about ending childhood obestiy.
  7. Check out what Moore et al have to say about the risk factors of cancer.
  8. Public Health England, recently published a report which is essential to understanding the future of physical activity.
  9. The impact of free physical activity is critical to the health of developing countries. Read Atkinson et al and form your opinion.
  10. Children are suffering from inactivity globally, learn how lessons can be filled with education and fun filled activity by reading Bangsbo et al.
  11. Discover national initiatives with Get Ireland Active!

Thank you to them for contributing to the recent Physical Activity MOOC which ran in July this year, the content is available to view now.

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