Meet Doug, he’s our running man!

We are delighted to introduce you to our newest Voices contributor.  Doug Adams PT, DPT, SCS, OCS, CSCS is a Physical Therapist in Delaware, USA. He practices in an out-patient sports and orthopaedic practice and his passions in the profession are Running Gait Analysis, Education, Sports Medicine, and Mentorship. He has published on Running and ACL topics, and continues to actively participate in research.

Doug loves writing about running and that’ll be his focus here! “Running is involved in almost every sport, and I think of running as a skill that needs to be practiced like any other skill. There is a lot of information out there about running, much of it conflicting. My hope is to take the information and research and translate it into easy to understand usable information”, said Doug.

Doug has already written two articles in his ‘running’ Voices column:

Doug is working on making objective measurements (i.e. 3D motion capture, running dynamics, etc) affordable and available so that clinicians everywhere can have access to information that will get/keep people running healthy. A busy man, he also co-founded an education company focused on making excellent results possible for all clinicians. Outside of the profession his passion lies in being a husband, father, and runner/triathlete.

You can read Doug’s Voices contributions here, follow Doug on Twitter, check out his research articles here