New from PhysioTools: Tape Yourself by John Langendoen and Karin Sertel

Tape Yourself copyThis module will enable you to show your clients how they can tape themselves at home using these instructions.

Taping can be used for various conditions such as pain and muscle soreness, muscle tension, bruising, swelling, strains and sprains as well as to facilitate better posture or to support muscles or joints. All they need is a 5 cm wide piece of elastic tape.

Based on the book ‘Tape Yourself’ this module has 80 proven tape applications that can either be applied by your client or – if it is hard to reach a particular body part – with the help of a partner. All applications are described in detail, so that the tapes can be applied anytime, anywhere.

About the authors John Langendoen and Karin Sertel

John Langendoen has been a physical therapist since 1976. The combination of elastic taping and the traditional approaches in sport and manual therapy led him to the development of the comprehensive method: “functional taping using elastic tape – Kinematic Taping® Concept”. He has taught this method in over 25 countries and founded the International Kinematic Taping Academy (IKTA) for taping teachers. He is co-author of the book ‘Tape Yourself’ (©2016 TRIAS Verlag in Georg Thieme Verlag KG).

Karin Sertel has been a physical therapist since 1980 – specializing in hand therapy, manual therapy (Maitland® Concept) and craniosacral therapy for children and adults. The ability of patients to tape themselves has become very important in her work for hand rehabilitation.

Tape Yourself module by PhysioTools