IFOMPT 2016: halfway through and running on adrenaline

The IFOMPT conference in Glasgow is well underway and we have a report from one of the conference organizers to share with you today. 

I write this sitting beside my partner in crime, Chris Mercer, who is finally starting to relax and enjoy the conference, after over 5 years of hard work. As we talk all things conference and football, we decide the motto of the Welsh football team for the Euro 2016 is fitting for this conference: gorau chwarae cyd chwarae or “TOGETHER STRONGER”.

When we first envisioned the conference our goal was to put on a world class conference that brings together recognized experts in the field of musculoskeletal medicine while providing a platform for new and emerging researchers and clinicians to showcase their work.

Although the conference ticks all these boxes (thanks to the hard work of the scientific and programme committees) what we have been overwhelmed with is the friendliness of the conference in bringing delegates together from around the world to celebrate the progress in our profession.

In the opening address by Chris Mercer he remarked that in an hour and a half of the first morning of the conference he had met delegates from over 19 countries. He still has time to meet delegates from all the 62 countries represented at IFOMPT 2016 and I am sure everyone at the ceilidh last night can testify what a warm welcoming host he has been in his role as Chair of the Organizing Committee (although his dancing still needs work).

I continued to be inspired by the all the speakers at the conference, with personal standout sessions so far from Dr Annina Schmid, Simon Lack/Brad Neil and Michael Rathleff, Professor Lorimer Moseley, Dr Jeremy Lewis, Professor Harriet Wittink (the list could go on and on).

I also continue to be impressed that the organizing team is able to function on very little sleep and a diet of canapés as lie-ins and proper food are ignored  in favour of early morning meetings/late night social events and dealing with day to day conference management. Although I would not recommend conference organisation as the next new diet fab I can say my belly may be empty but my brain is full and my spirit revitalized.

I look forward to the next two and a half days.

P.S. Come on Wales!

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