Asia’s first health clinic for transgender people offers holistic approach to care

The Tangerine Community Health Centre is Asia’s first health clinic to provide healthcare and counselling services specifically for transgender people.

The clinic, located within the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre in Thailand, offers a range of health, social protection and other support services that are tailored to the transgender community.

Since it opened in November 2015, hormone counselling and therapy, sexual and reproductive health services, psychosocial counselling and HIV testing have been made available at the clinic. Due to the high prevalence of HIV amongst transgender women in Thailand, patients are encouraged to have an HIV test and learn more about HIV prevention and treatment.

“To end AIDS, the health and rights of key populations need to be at the centre,” said Mr Loures, UNAIDS Deputy Executive Director. “The Tangerine Community Health Centre is transforming the health choices for transgender people.”

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