Video: What one patient did to self-manage pain

In our video series on pain, we’ve spoken to quite a few academics about their research on pain. This week we’re changing perspectives and speaking to Peter Moore, a patient with chronic pain who co-developed the Pain Toolkit to help people self-manage pain. In this video, Pete shares his experience with chronic pain and gives advice to physiotherapists treating patients with pain.

Pete says, “most people with pain depend too much on their health care professional to solve or get rid of the pain; they forget that they have to work with their health care professional in the management of their pain.”

Pete has written several pain self-management programmes, is an educator who speaks regularly to patient groups and health care professionals in the UK and Europe, and is a member of the Patient Advisory Team for University College London, Imperial College and Leicester University.

The Pain Toolkit began as an article Pete was writing for pain health care professionals in 2002. As he wrote the article, Pete realized that he had developed a set of pain management tools that could help him actively self-manage his pain and lead a better life. The Pain Toolkit was born!

Pete and Dr. Frances Cole developed a booklet with these pain management tools, called the Pain Toolkit, which is also available as an app. The Pain Toolkit was supported by the UK’s Department of Health and is now used extensively in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Since 2009, over half a million copies have been printed and circulated in the UK.

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