Video: What is pain? Why do we have it and why doesn’t it go away?

This week, Rachael Lowe from Physiopedia speaks with Dr. Tasha Stanton about her research on pain. In this video, Tasha answers three fundamental questions about pain:

  1. What is pain?
  2. Why do we have it?
  3. Why doesn’t it go away?

Tasha is a senior research fellow with the Body in Mind Research Group at the University of South Australia and is currently a National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Early Career Fellow (2014-2018). She is also the recipient of the prestigious 2016 Ronald Dubner Research Prize.

Tasha’s research focuses on clinical pain neuroscience, specifically on cortical body representation, somatosensation, multi-modal illusions, and pain. To date, she has received over $1.7 million in competitive research funding and has been invited to speak at 20 national and international conferences. Earlier this year Tasha was awarded the Australian Pain Society’s Rising Star Award and spoke at the APS’ Annual Scientific Meeting.