Couple turns to outdoor sports to raise awareness of mental illness

A Canadian couple has embarked on a 2-year road trip with their outdoor sports gear in tow to raise awareness of the mental health benefits of physical activity.

Inspired by the loss of two family members, the Gatineau duo have set out to bike, hike, kayak and surf their way across North America. On their travels they hope to talk about outdoor sports as a way to manage grief, loss and boost mental wellness.

While it’s common to read stories about the physical benefits of exercise, this couple is pushing for recognition of another benefit that is arguably just as important. Recent research has shown that physical therapy can improve the psychiatric, physical and quality of life of people with schizophrenia

There is a good chance that a physiotherapist will see a patient with a mental illness at some point during their career. Knowing how to communicate well and promote engagement with a treatment are key to helping a patient achieve their physiotherapy goals. You can find out more about physiotherapy management strategies in people with schizophrenia here.