Thank you, Connect! 

At Physiopedia, we’re thrilled to announce our renewed partnership with Connect, the UK’s largest provider of community musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy services.

As a Gold Partner of Physiopedia, Connect will continue to support the physiotherapy community’s mission of improving global health through universal access to physiotherapy knowledge. Connect has been a Physiopedia Partner for just over a year and in that short time has supported important projects such as The Big Physio Survey, which is developing our understanding of contemporary physiotherapy practice.

Physiopedia is proud to partner with Connect, a company that has been treating patients with MSK disorders for over 25 years and works with over 150 clinical experts in MSK and occupational physiotherapy. Connect provides bespoke occupational services to companies and organisations, large and small and is a trusted and longstanding provider of numerous community service contracts across the UK for the NHS.  If you’re interested in joining the Connect team take a look at their articles here on Physiospot.

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